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Using the right “tool” is critical in Selling.
Our online sales training program, PHCC-GLAA Virtual Training, is the most cost-effective way to train everyone in your plumbing and HVAC organization:
  • An interactive training platform available 24/7, 365 days a year and accessible from any computer.
  • Fast paced material that motivates and trains your people using an entertaining, interactive approach.
  • Accountability is an essential part of the system. Everything a user does is tracked and recorded…. from their training curriculum, test answers and report cards.
  • Group and Individual Tuitions Available.
Note: To design the original PHCC-GLAA Sales Masters plumbing program … Mr. Webb spent 14 days in the field doing “ride-alongs” with top producing plumbers throughout North America … see picture above. He constantly changes the material to stay current for today’s competitive markets with over 3,000 + students nationwide applying the Sales Masters Techniques.
Topics Include:
  1. How customers “BUY!”  Matching the right technique with the right customer. 
  2. Selling Skills used by the most successful Plumbers and Technicians in the industry. 
  3. How to ask the right kind of questions.   When you ask the right questions – you uncover or –even more advanced – create a need. 
  4. Proven Techniques – How to be more persuasive with product knowledge. How to put together a sales presentation around a specific PHCC and HVAC related issue. 
  5. How to recognize buying signals & to use trial closes (keeps you from talking past the sale), so you know “HOW” to ask for the sale – we call it “OPEN A RELATIONSHIP.” 
  6. Handling objections (there are only 85 objections) & “easy to use” closing techniques – stopping the “stall tactic”
  7. Follow up review to reinforce REAL LEARNING – including student Online Diplomas. 

PHCC-GLAA Virtual Training: The Online Training Tool

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For over 26-years Plumbing Heating and Cooling Contractors have trusted Paul Webb Sales Masters Plumbing Training to provide a unique training experience that teaches participants skills to dramatically increase their sales and performance. Using VAK as the foundation of our training platform, we show how to apply science to more effectively communicate with your clients and staff, to understand how they process information and how to “speak their language.”

Our expert courseware provides participants a compelling experience that gives them the opportunity to change the way they think, act and feel…resulting in an increased skill level to draw upon.